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Ways to Reduce Production of Carbon Dioxide

In the atmosphere there are many gases carbon dioxide being one of them. For photosynthesis to take place carbon dioxide gas is required. Carbon dioxide increase has been led by the increase in the number of industries that have been set up. Search for cheap fuel has led to deforestation. Trees control the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment hence cutting down of trees lead to a great increase in its amount. Production of large amounts of carbon has led to increased global warming. Temperature has hence been on the rise.

Ocean levels have risen which has been led by melting of ice on mountains. Death of sea creatures and increased health problems have been led by acid rains. Decrease in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere has been led by an increase in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Increase in human breathing problems have been led by the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Existence of the above problems can be reduced by setting up measures to control the amount of carbon production. Below are ideas on how to reduce the production of carbon dioxide. You can get an idea about the Climate Leadership Council.

Use of campaigns against production of carbon dioxide. The public will be made aware of the harm caused by carbon dioxide gas. Carbon Tax Campaign will be of help when fighting production of carbon dioxide. Campaigns should also emphasis against cutting down of trees which help in cleaning the atmosphere.

People should also be taught on cheaper methods of energy. This will help save the number of trees cut on a daily. Alternative forms of energy should be practiced by industries. Production of carbon will be reduced once people turn to the use of green energy. Companies should ensure that they control the amount of carbon they produce. Use of energy-efficient appliances will be of great assistance in saving the amount of energy being used and hence reducing the amount of carbon produced.

The government should set up rules and policies that will help control the amount of carbon being produced. Production of carbon should be minimal on a country. Fines should also be charged to companies that engage in the production of carbon in large amounts to ensure that the companies toe to the line. Discussions should be held by governments to come up with ways to cub production of carbon in their country.

Lastly, countries that produce their products by the use of harmful gases, carbon dioxide included should ensure that they consider purchasing carbon credit which allows them to produce some amount of carbon if they have no alternative source of energy. To control the amount of carbon in the environment the government should tell the people to plant trees on their farms. After considering the above factors production of carbon will be reduced. You may read more at

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